Saturday, May 5, 2012


Two days ago D.J. and I decided to go take some pictures of my white and black calf. We drove over to the pasture that some of our calves are in and took some pictures of it. Here are the pictures I took.

My calf and another one.


Another picture.


They were kind of hidden.


 My cow and calf.


Friday, May 4, 2012

New Camera!

Well, the camera we had been using kind of quit working. Again. So after having D.J. research some different cameras we ordered one. It arrived yesterday so today we tested it out. :) Here are some of the (many)pictures we took.

Backflip. We were testing the high speed burst.

Honey Bee.

Carpenter Bee(I think).

Bumble Bee.

Ducks flying.


Geese taking off.

Another picture of geese flying.

 These geese were right over the top of a hill and we didn't see them until we came over the top. They were about to take off but then decided they'd just waddle away from us.