Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been I long time since I posted on here so I figured it' about time I post. Tuesday I checked on my hives to add some more candy. I found out one is dead but the other one was doing well. We put an all season cover with candy in it on the one that was still alive.

The two hives. (The one on the right is the living one)

The hive that's still alive.

An all season cover with candy in it. We make candy and then pour it in.
1 pint of water.
5 pounds of sugar.
Stir while you let it heat up to 235 and then pour into molds(In my case the bottom of my cover)
1 cup of water and 2 1/2 pounds of sugar will do one cover. It takes about thirty minutes to harden.
Put a block in front of the entrance and ventilation hole before pouring so when you put it on the bees can still use the entrance.(And so it doesn't run out)

The top of the cover. In the winter I put insulation in here.

Side view. Here is a link to the plans for this type of cover.



  1. Very interesting. You definitely have some challenges with the weather, that we don't have in the more southern states. Although we did have some 7 degree temperatures here for a week or so. I am glad one of your hives survived! You will have a good start on some honey for next summer. Karen in Missouri

  2. How are your bees? Is anything blooming? I have a nuc of bees coming in April 26. I am looking forward to that. Karen in Missouri

  3. Hi Karen. Unfortunately the weather went cold and my bees didn't make it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't starvation since I had candy on them. I'll be getting four nucs in the first part of May so I'm looking forward to that.