Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting bees!

Even though the title of my blog reads Beeginning Beekeeper, I haven't posted much to do with beekeeping. Well, yesterday my adventure began. We headed to Miles City to get the nucs. No, I don't mean a nuclear bomb. When we arrived in Miles City we went shopping. After finishing our shopping, we went to Simpson Honey Farm to get the nucs. The nucs hadn't arrived from the bee-yard, so Mr. Simpson gave us a tour of his operation. After looking at all his equipment the nucs arrived, so we loaded them into our pickup and headed for home. When we got close to our house the migratory cover on one of the nucs was beginning to slip off so I crawled through the back window and put the cover back on. A little while later the cover on the nuc slid quite a ways off and a lot of bees were escaping, so I jumped back into the back and was begining to put it back on when one of the bees got irritated and popped me on the cheek. I quickly scraped the stinger sack off and put the lid back on the nuc. After I got back in the pickup a scraped the rest of the stinger out. The cover started sliding off again so I put it back on and Dad tied it on better. Here are some pictures.

The nucs in the back of the pickup.

Me unloading a nuc.

Dad moving a nuc.

Me standing by my two nucs.

When I install them I'll post some more pictures.


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