Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today we inspected my hives. They were doing really well and were drawing out their foundation really good. They were also storing quite a bit of nectar/honey. I couldn't spot any eggs, but I'm not very good at it. Here's the pictures.

Smoking the frames. This is after we removed the frame feeder.

A frame of foundation that the bees are starting to draw out. They even have some nectar/honey in it.

Me holding a frame.

As you can see this frame had quite a bit of capped brood. The brown/tan capping are brood.

Holding another frame that had been drawn out, this frame had some double layered comb on it.

I broke the double layered comb off and found that the bees had stored quite a bit of nectar/honey under it.

Another frame. The bullet shaped cells near the bottom beside my glove are drone cells.

A frame of brood. It had a tight pattern so I'm happy with it.

I spotted the queen in the second hive so I had D.J. take a picture of her. She's the one that is bigger than the rest of the bees.
All of the above pictures were taken by D.J.


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