Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On Monday we inspected my hives. They were doing quite well and were storing pollen and nectar. Today they're really active so that's good. Here's the pictures.

The inner cover, the bees built some burr comb on it that I later scraped off.

A frame of foundation that the bees are drawing out.

Dad smoking the bees.

An abandoned supersedure cell. The lump thing near the center of the picture is the supersedure cell.

A frame of bees, brood, and pollen.

Another frame of foundation and nectar/honey that the bees are drawing out.

A picture of some bees eating the mega bee patty.

A bee loaded with pollen on dad's leg. (The globs of yellow on the bee's legs is the pollen)

Another frame of bees and brood.
All of the above pictures were taken by my brother, D.J.


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