Thursday, May 19, 2011

The day's events

Today my bees were flying so I took some pictures of them. After that I went with D.J. to put salt and mineral out for the cows. Then we went and checked some more cows for awhile. When we came back I took some more pictures of my bees. Well, that about covers everything. Oh! Almost forgot, here's the pictures.


 Bee on a dandelion. 

More bees.

Even more bees. 

Bees coming in twelve o'clock!

The salt and mineral we took out for the cows.

Closeup of the mineral.

One of my calves.

DJ's calf.

The bees were really active.

Another picture of the bees.

Bees heading into the hive.

Okay, I think that's enough bee pictures for the day.


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  1. Those are very interesting pictures of the bees....and I love the cows. We keep bees, and we did have one calf last summer but sold her early spring....I hope to get more into cows later.
    thanks for the post! :)