Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Got Bees?

Yesterday(The 16th) we drove to Miles City and picked up my four nucs. We brought them home but it was really windy so we didn't install them until this morning. We drove over to our neighbors place with the hives. After unloading the bee equipment and the pallet(which we set the hives on) Dad and I opened up the first nuc and transferred the frames into the hive. There weren't a whole lot of bees in the nuc but fortunately the next nuc was stronger than the first one. We finished up and drove back home to install the rest of the nucs. They were quite strong as well. I'll post some pictures of the hives when I get them.



  1. Did your bees make it through the winter?


  2. I wish. One almost made it through the winter but then died. The four hives are doing well. Today we put some sugar syrup on them.