Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bee Check

This morning Mom and I went out to feed the bees. We took four Mega-bee patties with us because we wanted to start feeding the bees some pollen substitute so the queen would start rearing brood. We started with the hive on the east, Hive 4. Their cluster of bees was small and they still had some candy left around the edges of the cluster so we pushed the candy closer to the center of the hive where they could get to it better and added half a Mega-bee patty to the bottom box.
After that we moved onto Hive 3(The one right beside it). Hive 3 is the one that made most of the honey last year. As soon as we cracked the lid we saw that bees were EVERYWHERE in the top hive body. VERY strong hive. It had eaten all of its candy so we added some more and added a Mega-Bee patty on the bottom brood box. When we lifted the top hive body off(It was very heavy so Mom had to lift it) there were lots of bees in the bottom too!
Hive 2 was probably the weakest of all of them, its cluster only covering around three frames and it hadn't eaten much of its candy so like H4(Hive four) we just pushed the chunks of candy closer to the middle and added half a mega-bee patty.
We then moved onto H1; it was just as strong as H3, maybe more! When I popped the lid up the bees were on all ten frames, TONS of them! It was awesome! I smoked them down and Mom added some candy since they had eaten all but a few chunks of it. Then we added a Mega-Bee patty to the bottom hive body. Like H3 there were bees in the bottom hive body as well. After doing that we closed it up. Overall I really liked what I saw in the hives, I would have preferred if H4 and H2 were stronger but I'm still happy that they all survived the hardest of the winter. Hopefully I can take some pictures of them next time.


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