Monday, March 19, 2012

March Inspection

Yesterday was a really nice day so Mom and I inspected my four bee hives. We managed to get D.J. to take a few pictures too.
Hive 4 looked a lot stronger than when we first inspected it. It had eaten quiet a bit of its candy(not all of it) and almost all of its pollen patty. I inspected a few frames and saw eggs. We added half a sheet of candy and a pollen patty.
Hive 3 was booming, they'd eaten all of their candy and all of their pollen patty. I checked a couple of frames and saw eggs. We added a sheet of candy and a pollen patty.
By this time we were out of pollen patties and candy so we went back to the house, made some candy and thawed out some pollen patties before heading out to the hives.
Hive 2 was kind of weak, we added half a sheet of candy to it and half a pollen patty. I managed to spot the queen on it which was really neat. They also had capped brood, larvae, and eggs which surprised me because they must have been laying before I added the pollen patty.
Hive 1 was doing really well but strangely hadn't eaten much of its candy at all, we added some more candy and replaced the pollen patty they had eaten. I saw capped brood on it as well. Managed to spot the queen too. All four hives were very docile so next time I plan on inspecting them without gloves. :)
Here are a few pictures.

Us inspecting Hive 4.

A frame of bees.

Spot the queen! :) Tip: She's the darker colored bee with the longer abdomen and shiny thorax(back). Also click the image to enlarge it. If you're still having trouble click here.


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